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About Sundin Financial


Fred Sundin, President of Sundin Insurance & Financial Group, LLC. has been assisting individuals and businesses with their financial and insurance needs since 1985. Mr. Sundin is a well known local expert on the subject of retirement planning and life insurance. He has published numerous reports in the areas of retirement accounts, pension maximization, voluntary employee benefits, business retirement plans, life insurance and long-term care insurance. Mr. Sundin graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Rhode Island.

Mr. Sundin has developed a specialty in working with individuals and business owners in establishing and/or reviewing their retirement plans, designing voluntary employee benefit plans, providing life insurance protection for many families and protecting peoples retirement savings from market volatility and risk. His practice focuses on helping people avoid costly financial mistakes. People who consult with Mr. Sundin find that they are able to lower the tax bill on their retirement plans, eliminate or reduce the taxes on their social security income, increase their monthly retirement income and better protect their financial future from the high cost of nursing homes. For many people, he has also provided them family protection through the use of unique life insurance products that can ensure that the death  or illness of a family member will not also bring financial hardship.  Mr. Sundin also has extensive experience working with many clients in the area of estate planning and works with many estate planning attorneys.

Sundin Financial maintains offices in Florida and Rhode Island


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