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Wealth Management

A solution designed around the preservation of wealth, while maximizing the greatest rate of return

Growth Tailored to You

We perform a comprehensive consultation to understand your needs and goals. We’ll work with you to devise a strategy that will afford you flexibility in a changing market.

Tax Avoidance

The best investment strategies are tax-smart. Every dollar of unnecessary tax avoided is a dollar saved.

Minimized Market Exposure

No one would go skydiving without a parachute. The same is true of your finances. We help you design solutions where your wealth is secure and you’re not caught off-guard… where your golden parachute is properly packed.


At Sundin Financial, we have a unique style of wealth management.

Most people want their retirement money protected against market losses; however, people still want to earn a reasonable rate of return at the same time.

What if there was an investment strategy where your money was 100% guaranteed to be protected against market losses, earning a reasonable rate of return, with no annual fees? Good news! This exists, and our clients at Sundin Financial enjoy this type of financial protection for their hard-earned money. Our clients enjoy a piece of mind knowing their money will never decline due to fluctuations in the stock market. Our wealth management philosophy suggests that your nest egg is too valuable to be subjected to potential stock market losses.

This is not a departure from the gains of the market, merely a departure from the losses. Our clients go forward with their money—never backward. Their gains lock in on annual basis while they receive compound interest, and no annual fees.

The wealth management strategy you implement now will affect whether you enjoy a stressful or stress-free retirement. You don’t have to be as right if you’re never wrong. You don’t need as much on the upside if you never lose on the downside, and you’re still earning a reasonable rate of return on your money. In other words, it is much easier to climb your financial mountain if you never have to dig out of a financial hole.

Providing Creative Financial and Insurance Solutions

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