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There are three stark differences in how the rich invest their money compared to the rest of the population.

#1 Avoid Mainstream Investment Strategies

The Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management 2010 World Wealth report noted, high-net-worth individuals all around the world had less than 1/3 of their assets in mutual funds and stocks due to the amount of risk that comes with these types of investments.

#2 Preservation of Wealth is Key

The Wall Street Journal report, highlighting a Prince & Associates study, shows the wealthy do not speculate with the majority of their money in stocks and mutual funds; but rather, they preserve assets and minimize risk.

#3 Never Lose Money

In his article, How to Invest Like the Wealthy, Chris Gottschalk notes, “most millionaires focus on avoiding risk more than they focus on making money. Master investor Warren Buffet famously has only two rules of investing: (1) Don’t lose money. (2) Don’t forget Rule number one."

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